PixyCam Project

I am currently undergoing a project making a RC car follow me hands free through the use of a PixyCam. My question is can I implement an arduino, PixyCam and Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 with a 12V battery 2200 mah 8A running through two 12V motors?

I am not familiar with the electronics and am worried that the 12V battery will destroy the PixyCam as it is rated at 5V. Will the Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 protect the PixyCam? Or do I need to by resistors and other electronic parts to suppress the voltage?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hey @Lawrence98238,

Welcome to the forum. I would strongly advise you to use something like this if you are going to connect your battery directly to your pixy2. Alternatively, you could connect from your Arduino (5Vpin) and make use of the onboard 5V regulator. A word of caution with the motors, transient currents can get quite large so make sure you have a battery & motor driver that is adequate.

Thanks for your response Gordon. Unfortunately, the link you attached doesn’t send me anywhere. If you could please resend it again it would be much appreciated.

Hey Lawrence,

Here is the link.