Problem with Adafruit micro LiPo charger

So, I’ve received this little module and started using it rightaway.
I used a brand new Lipo battery (suggested by Adafruit, PKCELL LP103450, 2000mAH, 3.7V). Now, when I plug the charger (connected to the battery) into my laptop’s USB port, both the LEDs light up. I thought that meant the battery is fully charged so I connected my battery to a circuit and left it to work for an hour so that its voltage dropped to 4.o2V (obviously not fully charged). I then plugged it back into the charger and connected to USB and again saw both LEDs turned on.
Looking at Adafruit website, that seems to indicate that the battery is damaged or not plugged in. Also, the battery does not get charged. The battery is fine and I can charge it using my Sparkfun board. It is also plugged into the board, I can verify that by measuring the voltage on the pins .
The STAT pin of the MCP73831 chip is neither low nor high, though.
Could it be that there is something wrong with the chip?
PS: I had no idea where on the forum I could post this problem.

Hmm sounds interesting. Adafruit test their gear pretty rigorously, and the fact that it was working straight away wouldn’t lean towards a fault with the board. Do you have another liPo you can test it with?

I do have other Lipos but their JST connectors are too small to fit in this module.
However, their is no smart interaction between the battery and the chip. In other words, you could actually fool the chip by connecting it to any source of power and not just a battery. I measured the voltage at all the relevant points on the board, including the pins of the MCP73831. When the battery is plugged in, it sees the voltage for sure.

Ok, it does sound like there is something going on with the board. Can you shoot through an email (replying to your order confirmation is the best option) with a quick summary of the details, and we’ll get this sorted out for you.

OK, I will do that as soon as I can. Thanks.