Programming edge controller with raspberry pi and node red for door operatrion and camera feed

Hi folks. I am new on here. We build solar powered ebike charging stations and would love some help. We are developing induction charging for the ebikes and all dc/dc 24v systems. We are using an industrial router for comms and IoT and an edge controller with Raspberry Pi using Node-red for remote door operation and also camera feed.
We are working with a international (Bangladesh) company to incorporate the ebike sheds to have IoT accessibility from their dashboard as well as the ebikes and have difficulties with their programmers with the raspberry pi side of things.
Does anyone out there know who we can get to help set up the systems? We are based in Billinudgel just out of Byron Bay.

Hey Luke,

Welcome to the world of Raspberry Pi and Node-RED! It’s fantastic to hear about your solar-powered e-bike charging stations project. Integrating IoT capabilities for remote door operation and camera feed is a smart move, especially when working with an international team.

For setting up your system with Raspberry Pi and Node-RED, here’s a bit of advice:

  1. Local Expertise: Since you’re based in Billinudgel, near Byron Bay, you might want to look for local Raspberry Pi or IoT enthusiasts who can help. Check out local tech meetups, university clubs, or maker spaces. They often have members who are experienced in Raspberry Pi projects and might be keen to collaborate.
  2. Online Freelancers: There are many platforms like Upwork or Freelancer where you can find skilled professionals specializing in Raspberry Pi and Node-RED. This could be a quick way to get the help you need, especially for specific tasks like setting up the camera feed or the IoT integration.
  3. Community Forums: Don’t underestimate the power of online communities. Forums dedicated to Raspberry Pi, Node-RED, or IoT might have members who have done similar projects and can offer valuable insights or direct assistance.

Remember, clear communication about your project’s requirements and any specific challenges you’re facing will help you find the right help more efficiently.

Good luck with your project, and keep pushing the boundaries of solar and IoT technologies!


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