Project by Chris; Hogwarts Lights

I’ve just shared a new project: "Hogwarts Lights"

Although there are commercially available lighting kits for Lego models, we found those that are available for this Hogwarts Castle can seem a little garish and don’t do the best job at concealing the wires. 
We felt that with the right tools, some planning, and a lot of patience we could have a go at integrating our own lights.
This Hogwarts Castle is definitely one of the more impressive Lego models available, we felt that simply positioning lights around an already completely model wouldn’t do it justice.
So after an initial build, we looked over the model and planned the locations for our lights by adding a sticky note in the building instructions. Then after a full disassembly we rebuilt it from the ground up. Routing the wires and adding the LEDs as we went.

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Hey Chris,

Awesome project, I’m sure this will transfer into a bunch of other model making communities, even animating them with microcontrollers!


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WOW! Now that is cool! Will be passing this on to my Lego fanatic brother for sure!


Interesting point about microcontrollers, Liam.
I’ve got another build in progress at the moment where we’re adding these lights to another Lego kit, this time programming them with an Arduino.

It was fun to work out how to write patterns for flickering lanterns in code, and control brightness with pwm.

It’s still a work in progress, but on my GitHub for anyone interested: GitHub - Chris820/Lego_lights: Arduino controlled LEDs in Lego models