Project by Sam; IoT Mailbox

Sam just shared a new project: "IoT Mailbox"

Getting letters and parcels is awesome, what’s not so awesome though is when you miss the postman and you don’t know if that important bit of mail arrived or not. Such a frustrating, yet mundane problem can be solved by creating an Internet of Things mailbox!

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Fun project Sam. Does the particle photon library automatically put the hardware to “sleep” when it’s not being used? Just wondering about battery life if it maintains a wifi connection indefinitely.

Hey Clewsy, I could be wrong (I’m still learning the ins and outs of the particle libraries) but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t. You could of course just use an interrupt pin for the LDR and create an analogue threshold, but I wanted it to be a simpler project for people to replicate.

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Nice project. A potential add on could a solar panel to let the device be self sufficient


Hi Alan,
Yep, that would be an awesome feature for the project. It would be pretty easy to implement too.