Pycom FiPy/GPy lte() no longer working

HI all,

Back in 2018/2019 I developed an application that used a FiPy/Pysense combination to monitor site environmental conditions and then transmit the data via cellular using Cat M1 on the Telstra network.

The lte() code ended up being very simple…see below (import commands etc. not included).

def connectLTE():
    print("Instantiating LTE...")
    global lte
    print("LTE Instantiated...")
    print("Attaching LTE...")

        while not lte.isattached():
        print("LTE attached...")
    except Exception:

    print("Connecting to LTE...")

        while not lte.isconnected():
        print("LTE conected...")
    except Exception:


This worked flawlessly for 12 months before it was switched off. Recently I started a project to use a GPy/Pytrack for a GPS tracking application and wanted to again send the data over cellular. When I couldn’t get the GPy to even attach, I went back to the original FiPy/Pysense application and now it won’t attach/connect either.

Question is…has something change in the procedure for connecting FiPy/GPy to lte() over the last 12-18 months?

Hi :slight_smile:

A few quick questions just to check:

  • Have you got an antenna connected?
  • Is your sim plan current?

Pycom have some really good documentation including troubleshooting steps here: LTE Examples

What error messages are you getting / where’s your code failing?

Also check out the Pycom API here:

Hi @Oliver ,

Thanks for the reply. Yes antenna was connected and the sim plan is current.

I have since gone back to both the new GPy and the original FiPy and checked the modem firmware. Both were correct but I updated them again. Finished with no issues. Neither unit would attach…no error message, just sat there.

Finally, in desperation I updated the firmware again on the GPy (same downloaded file) and it started to work. Based on this I did the same to the FiPy and it also worked. I’m at a loss as to why but it was the same, current firmware file but it took multiple attempts to get it to work. Upshot is the system is working as expected.

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Weird! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth I guess. If it happens again let us know and we’ll see if we can figure it out.