Raspberry Pi and home automation newbie question


I need some guidance on which Raspberry Pi to buy. I’ve never owned one before, but I want to start getting into a bit of home automation. From reading (and playing), I know I need a Raspberry Pi to run Home Assistant on, and I know I also need a Zigbee hub like the Conbee.

If you have a kit that contains everything I need, I would love to hear about it! Or even if you have all the Raspberry Pi bits I need, I’m happy to keep investigating the Zigbee piece.

Many thanks!

Hi Kyle. I’m like you - new to the whole Rasberry Pi thing, and interested for home automation.

I personally went with the Raspberry Pi 400 Complete Kit. Sure, I could have just bought a few components, but the convenience was hard to look passed for the price.

I just flashed the SD card with Homebridge and a nice interface, and away it went. Incredibly easy. I’m connecting to Apple HomeKit, but I suspect it will be a similar process for other ecosystems.

Best of luck.