Raspberry Pi vs. LattePanda

Sam just shared a new tutorial: “Raspberry Pi vs. LattePanda”

Ah, what a glorious time we live in, where we have to compare which micro-computer is going to best suit our needs. If you’ve been in the maker sphere for just a short time, you’ll be sure to have heard of Raspberry Pi the miracle wonde…

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In this article you present the two boards like it is Linux vs Windows 10. But as far as I onow you can install plethora of OSes on Latte Panda, so Windows 10 as well as other versions of Windows, also any Linux, and apparently even Android. Latte Panda on many occassions has claimed to be “the only single computer board fully capable with all Linux/Windows/Android”.

Hi Kris,

You’re correct in that multiple systems are available for the LattePanda just the same as most Windows-based computers, however, when you look at the way that most LattePanda users are integrating the board into the projects, they’re using Windows. The attached Arduino core makes it desireable for projects like that.

Whilst it isn’t so much a Linux vs. Windows comparison, it’s intended to use those a fronts for the type of user who would favour one or the other.