Raspberry Pi Zero - ds18b20 Temperature Monitoring

Hi Huseyin,

You should be able to connect all four sensors to a single digital input pin on your Pi Zero.
Your main goal should be to minimise the cable lengths as much as practical. Making sure to tie all the ground leads together, all the positive sensor leads to either 3.3 or 5 V DC, and connecting a 4.7K resistor between each sensors output pin and the positive rail (3.3 or 5V DC).

My colleague James has recommended me a great explainer on 1-wire systems here:

With the resistors also needing to be connected you may be best getting bootlace ferrules to terminate the wires with the resistor, then screwing those into the screw terminals to make sure you get a secure fit that won’t creep out. The bootlaces are available here and there is a crimping tool that goes with them.

There was a great discussion on terminating wires with screw terminals very recently on this forum post. I can’t recommend it enough.

I’m not sure on this one, I’ll need more information or to do a bit more reading.

The ground wire that is connected to all of the sensors should also be tied to the same ground the Pi Zero uses, we want a common ground to avoid weird ground loops and other stray signals being induced and causing floating voltage weirdness.