Temperature Monitoring with 4 Sensors

Like I want some cost-effective temperature monitor system in place for small business: So I’m about to hire a code from Upwork for the python script. I would like to monitor the temperatures of the following,

  • Freezer (temperature= will be minus 18c range) +
  • Coolroom (temperature= will be 2c range)
  • Blast freezer (temperature= will be minus 40c range)
  • Production room (temperature= will be 6c range)

Where there is 5-10metres apart from each other so I help with this, so I have two options I think

  1. Have one raspberry pi zero and connect all the sensors.
  2. Have a separate raspberry pi zero for each sensor

***Note I will be connecting the raspberry zero to the internet via ethernet cable with micro usb to rj45 ethernet adapter. due to the poor connectivity issues on place,

Would be great to get your guy’s feedback regarding this project

Hi Huseyin,

I’ve done exactly this in my house! You can use 1-Wire devices like the DS18B20 temperature sensor in this instance:

Make sure you’re enabling 1-Wire through raspi-config
Just make sure you’re using a cable with twisted pairs and preferrably shielding, as 1-Wire is a bit tempremental.
You could consider using RJ45 breakouts:

I could share my code for logging and displaying the temperatures if you like? (It’ll have to wait until later today)

P.S., look at this guide on long 1-Wire networks:

@James Thanks for the reply.

So did you have one rasp-pi zero or one r-pi for each sensor?

I’m a newbie on this stuff, it will be great to see your project visually. Also, it will be great to see your code for this project.