Reaction Wall game

Hi Guys,

I’m in the process of putting together a Batak Reaction Wall game for our Halloween party using a Pi and just wondering if you can help me on the components needed for it.

Each game session will last 30s and when you see a button light turn on… you hit it!
The goal is to hit as many lights as you can to try and beat the highest score.

At the moment I’m thinking of using the following parts:

Will the Pi have enough power to run the LED arcade buttons? (FYI only one button will light up at a time) or do I need an external power supply for it? Do I also need resistors for the buttons?

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Hi Ky,

I can see you’ve already ordered some bits, so I’ll restrict my advice to them.

The LEDs have resistors already, and are configured for 12V use. This means they vary from barely lit at 2V, to quite bright at 12V. I measured the current to be about 10mA at 12V, so lower voltages will be proportionally dimmer (e.g. the 3.3V your Pi pins run on).

The Pi Foundation has some good docs on how much current you can draw from each pin. The answer is essentially 16mA or less if you are only driving a few pins at most at a time. This means you could safely drive the LED on your buttons directly, but it might not be as bright as you would like (you might just need to keep the lighting moody)

Hope this sorts you out! Let us know if you have any more Qs :slight_smile: