Real Dash display - old Chevy

Hi all, I am totally new to this so please be gentle. I am looking at a project for my street and track car. It is a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS but it is a Frankenstein of engineering. I won’t bore you will the build specs (unless you ask) but it’s a beast and has a lot of modern driveline and tech installed. Now to my dash project.

The car runs a ECU with user definable CAN message in 500 or 1000 mbps. There are two CAN channels and a TX/RX serial channel. All of the data available can be broadcast. I also have a PDU (power distribution unit) which also has two CAN Channels and can rebroadcast the ECU data and broadcast power management and switching data like blinkers and wipers . All run in 12v.

The Mission:
To use the Real Dash app to display on a LCD TFT screen mounted behind my old dash bezel. I intend to configure the graphics position so that they display like the old analog gauges. The dash is to activate on start up.

App: Real Dash. They provide the graphics and have the CANBUS canx files to suit my ECU - ECUMASTER EMU Black and PDU.

Hardware: Pandalatte 62gb with Arduino. ???

Screen: To do it I would ideally use a screen with a display area of 360mm (14.5”) x 125mm (5”) see photo of bezel. A 15” screen would be perfect if there is one available. Otherwise Real Dash can run two or more screens, so two or event three screens could be used. Mounting the is easy.

Attached are the specs I have so far and photos of the Bezel to assist conceptualisation. I’m in Sydney.

If someone needs or wants $$ for helping I can pay in kind. I’m a carpenter, fabricator and handyman so contra deal can be negotiated, I’m sure.


Hey Bryne,

Sounds like a sick project!!

I’m still not entirely sure what you need a hand with though.

Were you after someone to source and install all of the parts then configure the system?
PS: when transmitting to the CAN bus in a car I would be weary to make sure that the app doesnt take high priority over other safety systems.

An auto electrician might be able to help out as well :smiley: