Real Life Space Invaders

So if you haven’t heard of the game ‘Space Invaders’ before, you’re probably in the wrong place (only joking, you’re still welcome). But seriously, Space Invaders is one of the most iconic video games in the world, loved my millions for its addictive gameplay, simple graphics, and nostalgic awesomeness. So in loving memory of this, an incredible group of people have created a real-life Space Invaders game using UAV drones, and light sensor based ‘laser turret’ mounted on moving rails. Simply put, it is absolutely incredible.

Each drone has an LED panel mounted on it, and uses light sensors to detect ‘shots’ from the ground mounted turret to detect whether it’s been hit or not. Drone technology is making incredible, new projects pop up everywhere, and we’re excited to see what the maker community will come up with next!

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