Recommendations for DC Motor, Warman Competition

Hi all,
First post here.

Am looking for recommendations on motors for the Warman competition, at the moment, our design uses 3 DC motors.

Two of the motors will extend a set of drawer rails (2 phase hence 2 motors) using a Rack and Pinion. The arm should weigh approx 1kg. We’re assuming the use of a pinion gear that is approx 20mm in diameter, which gives us our desired RPM range of 60-80 for safety. We also wanted the motor to utilise an encoder to make sure we’re extending the arm to the right length.

The last motor will rotate a tower that will be holding the arm, the heaviest the tower will be in the end design will be 6kg, and it will be resting on a lazy susan bearing to assist with rotation. The idea was to have a roughly 30mm diameter wheel rest against the circumference of a 90mm diameter PVC pipe (tower), which will turn the tower, also using an encoder. Wanted to aim for roughly 10-15 RPM for this motor.

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but basically was just looking for recommendations.


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Also looking at getting a LiPo battery to power the motors.

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if he uses normal induction motors it would need a tacho feed output two sense and compile how many rotations two calculate the distance the rails have moved…but steeper would be my first try given they have already used in situations like this…if he uses stepper motors…i`m not shure how free flowing it would be…um the actual motors needed would have to be calculated by the weight it /they have to move or um the force that will be needed…

i am not into steppers at all so somebody would have to calculate the power to weight ratios…etc…etc…for choice and size of motors

Hi Tim,

Just thought I’d mention that a sketch of your contraption would be fantastic to grok what you’re trying to do, seems pretty cool from the looks of things!


you may want to look into gear boxes connected to the motors for reduction …you could use lasers for stop sensors and or distance…or hall effect type sensors…just a thought i had…