Remote access to PiZW program

I currently have a Visual Basic program running on a Windows 7 machine that I’d like to re-write for a Raspberry Pi using python. The re-write is going well. However, since the Pi will be ‘headless’(?), I will need to include a means of making tweaks, retrieving data and logs. This is beyond my experiences with ssh.
I would greatly appreciate ideas, pointers, etc…
I hope this isn’t too vague.
SSH and remote desktop function properly.


Hi Dale,

An easy way to fully interact with your Pi without using SSH is with VNC viewer. It’s comes installed within the Raspberry Pi GUI, all you need to do is activate it in the Configuration menu. This will allow you to remote desktop your Raspberry Pi over a web connection from any other device. It either requires a static IP on your Pi or a free account with realVNC. Here is the website:

As for SSH check out this tutorial:

I totally agree, and have used both while learning the Pi. Hopefully VNC will be an option. But when running on the Windows box, my program is VERY processor hungry. Essentially it is useless for anything else when it is running.
I am of the opinion that given the Pi0W’s limited ‘endowment’, it’s going to be a considerable hindrance.
Hopefully I am wrong, but even then, the knowledge I’m hoping for will definitely be handy to me on my journey.

Hi Dale,

This sounds like the scenario that the 3A+ was designed for :slight_smile:

Hey Stephen,

Again, I totally agree. In fact I have a 3B+ that I am using to write and test my ‘stuff’. I’m sure there are ‘EASIER’ ways to accomplish my ultimate goal. Actually there is no real need for what I am doing, as I don’t use the Windows machine for anything else, other that running a local web server. Haven’t used windows since I installed Debian on my HP machine.

It’s more the learning experience that I’m seeking.
I’m thinking that maybe I could use VNC if I utilize the interrupt and threading(oh boy!) capabilities of the Z. IPC has caught my attention.
Still could use some pointers if anybody’s interested.

Thanks again,

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