Remote Server Management with PiKVM

Looking for a PiKVM solution to manage 2 x HP Servers in a remote rack.
The BliKVM-PCIe-ADDIN-CARD ( featuring a Pi CM4 seems to fit the requirements but understand that it would require a seperate card per server.

Is there an enclusure version that might support multiple servers?

  • Need to access via IP Address (access over Cisco VPN)
  • Need to be able to monitor boot process and access BIOS as required.
  • Need to access 2 x HPE ML Servers in same rack (iLO not working)

Look forward to any feedback / recommendations / experience that you can offer.


I have a PiKVM for each of the three hosts that run VMWare ESXI. That way I have full hardware control of each device.

There are guides for using a PiKVM in front of an IP-KVM, though nothing seems to offer proper hardware control of power/reset switches and the respective LEDs (which is what makes PiKVM really cool).

I’m yet to find a reason to be in the sever room since setting them up.

If your time is better spent elsewhere, just purchase the assembled kits. They are in an enclosure and ready to connect, leaving you with just the static IP & password to setup.


Thanks Gramo,

After further research I found that I did need to install seperate card to gain BIOs-Level access and remote power control via the pin riser headers - I planned to purchase the PCI riser Card version to install internally in the servers and grab the RPiCM4’s off Core Electronics but they don’t have stock.
I have since ordered two BliKVM PCIe Plug n Play kits and will confirm how well they work.