Rotary Encoder Type


Which rotary encoder would be best suited to record manual blind shades? I am looking to build a device where the blind shade cord/loop is attached to a rotary encoder to record the opening percentage of solar blinds made by people (non-automated blind shades).


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Hi Kieu,

I think any rotary encoder will do, as long as it can be mounted easily into your design. Since a full travel of the cord to open the shade will likely make the encoder turn many revolutions, you probably don’t need one with extreme accuracy. There are great options like this that should work fine:

This is 24 pulse so it reads 24 positions in a revolution. There are also some fun ones that light up, and we carry one that goes up to 1024 pulses per rotation, but I don’t think you would need it to be that precise.

I hope that helps! Please share your completed project on the forum I’d love to see it in action!