Rpi W +Adafruit Blue&White 16x2 LCD+Keypad

Hello to all my friends
I am in the process of making a small project, bought Adafruit Blue&White 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi from Core and assembled all the required parts. But when I try to connect with RPi, it is not visible or not connected with rpi when I use i2c detect -y 1 command.

So I am not able to go further, please any one can help me with the pin out settings for Adafruit Blue&White 16x2 LCD+Keypad Kit and Raspberry Pi

I got 5v, Gnd, SCL, SDA from Rpi and I need your help where to connect these with LCD keypad

Thank you in advance

Hi Delish,

Just a quick thing to check, by default the SPI and I2C communications are disabled on the Pi and have to be manually enabled.

We have a tutorial on using I2C with the Raspberry Pi I’ve linked below.

Let us know if these steps don’t fix your problem and we can dig a little deeper.

thanks for your reply Trent, I have already enabled both of them, I also connected MCP2307 & HT16K3 and both visible (address 21 & 70) when I type i2cdetect -y 1.

Hi Delish,

Have you followed the steps followed in the assembly guide? (especially the ones on putting tape on the PCB to stop the board from shorting on the USB sockets):

Once you’ve confirmed you’ve followed everything in the guide, we’ll dig a little deeper on this one

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Hi James, I got rpi w so do i need to put a tape. I followed the assembly instructions and completed everything, I just need to know the pin out of the LCD keypad for connecting my Rpi W. (5v, Gnd, SDA, SCL)

kindly please help


Hi Delish,

I would still recommend doing so just in case, as it’s an easy way to destroy your components. All the Raspberry Pi boards with 40 pins have identical pinouts. Should be pins 3 and 5 on a Zero as seen below:


Thank you, this is the information that I need.