RS485 Modbus TX-RX GPIO15(BCM) RPiV3B SKU: CE08328

Does the stackable card (part number in the topic) act as a modbus master able to read data from sensors with an rs485 interface directly wired to the rs485A/B ports?
The documentation suggests with the jumpers that it acts as a slave, but there is no python commands in the megaind library to suggest the input can be converted via modbus protocol to real values.
We have tried multiple modbus protocol libraries in python(minimalmodbus, pymodbus etc) but cannot receive any requests to the sensor from the card.
The documentation explains that GPIO 15 with the jumpers allows I2C from the card to the Pi, we have tried the 1wire bus in the terminal, and every combination of these two regarding the jumpers, 1wire, rs485A/B.
We are assuming the card does not offer rs485/modbus reading via an external sensor transmitted to the Pi.
Any knowledge on this would be helpful.

Hi Will, welcome to the forum!

Taking a look at the user guide, it seems like the on-board microcontroller can act as a Modbus slave, or the Pi can act as a Modbus slave or master depending on the software you run on it. You just need to bridge the pins to connect the Pi UART to the RS485 transceiver IC:

Have you given this a go yet?