Serial Multiplexing Project

Hi Guys…
I’m very new to PI and Arduino but having been playing in the Linux space since 1991 and am an electronics tech. OK a bit rusty.

I’m looking at building an NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 gateway for my boat. I’ve got a base system up and running via USB to Serial converters but now want to look into something more robust. I noticed that there isn’t many hats avaliable in Aust to do interfacing and as this is a project I’m not keen to import on a whim… idea’s???


Hi @Paul120522

Since NMEA0183 is just a serial protocol using RS422 or RS485, that’s the type of hat you should be looking at.

Here’s a link for NMEA0183. I’ll look for something on NMEA2000 later.

Thanks for that info Robin. I’ve been able to simulate outputting 0183 data out to the network so another computer and well as my iphone can see the data. Allowing the ability to view it ondeck. The next stage to is to do the same with N2K with and end goal in doing this as part of the one-net insentive.

I’ve been able to get a N2K simulator up and running and talking to itself via an internal serial loopback with the next stage putting it out to the network and allowing a second computer to read the information via wifi.

I’ve purchased a Arduino max, Teensy 3.5 and RPi 3B (already have a B+ and 4B) to take it to the next stage