Service - Laser Cutting <420x300mm (SERVICE-LASER-420)

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I’m a little confused and intrigued by your laser cutting service. You have one listed around $15 for a 23x14 cm acrylic panel. What is the cost of cutting it? Are you implying that $15 is the fixed cost regardless of the design?

Hi Mansour,

Yes! We created this service to make laser cutting accessible for makers in Australia. It’s $15 for a 3mm clear acrylic panel 230mm X 140mm, including your laser cutting or engraving. There are some design limitations laid out in the service description, but the design has no impact on the service cost so make the most of your 230mm X 140mm space!

Wow! Just add more materials and you’ll be eating a big piece out of ponokos almost monopolistic pie.

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Hi there, is there any chance you could cut 2mm silicone sheet for me if I supply the material? Or is there any chance I could come in and have a go? I know it’s possible, but don’t have my own cutter. Cheers, Dave.