Single track 10k linear Pot w switch

I need to replace a pot in an Engel fridge. Judging by the markings it is a linear 10K singe track pot with a switch function. It’s 16mm horizontally configured. I have attached a photo.

The nearest product I can find on your web site is Panel Mount 10K Dual Linear Potentiometer w/ On-Off Switch - 10K Dual Linear w/ Switch | Adafruit ADA3393 | Core Electronics Australia

If you have a direct replacement then great but I can consider the above if it will go into the existing board in that case I don’t need to use the second pins but I need to know if the switch pins and a set of pot pins will line up with the original board it has to go in.

Do you have a data sheet that shows these dimensions. The distance front to back between the switch pins and the pot pins on the current unit is 10mm.

Try these parametric search results from DigiKey
You might not find an exact physical replacement but there’s probably one that will do the trick.

Hi Andy
The switch is the difficult part. Most units with switch are usually volume control with on/off switch so are log taper (A). If you can put up with that Core have one that might fit mechanically.

Futurelec have a linear taper (B) but the distance from pot pins to switch pins is only 5mm so some improvisation needed. They don’t seem to have a catalog number and the part is only described thus “10k Linear Rotary Taper Potentiometer with Switch”.
Link to that web page

You have not mentioned shaft size or type. This comes in many sizes and types but I note that most I just saw have a spline so you might just have to replace the knob also.
Good luck
Cheers Bob
PS: Try Michael’s idea with DigiKey. I just did and without applying filters came up with this

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Thanks everyone for the replies.

I have decided that if I cannot source something locally the shipping costs and lead time make a repair not practical.
Thanks all for your time

Hi Andy
It all depends on what that pot does. If you can tolerate cramping of the adjustment range at near the clockwise end a log pot (A taper) might see you out of trouble. I would try one anyway, cheaper than a new unit.
Cheers Bob

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