SkyRC IMAX B6 V2 Professional Balance Charger / Discharger (PRT-16793)

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The SkyRC B6 V2 is a DC input high-performance, micro-processor controlled charge/discharge/DC/DC converter with battery management suitable for all mainstream battery … read more

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Should I expect a battery when it has finished charging to be quite hot.

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It depends on the rate that you charged it at. If the charging rate is high then the battery can get quite hot. If you are concerned .about the temperature of the battery you can lower the charging rate. It is recommended to add the optional temperature sensor so that you can monitor the battery temperature. You can then set a battery temperature that will cause the charger to shut off. If you use the charging app you can watch the temperature change in the graph. See:


The text indicates this unit will charge up to 6S. There is no mention of a balance cable for multi cell batteries and such a cable does not appear in the “in the box” list. What happens here and how are the cells connected for balance.
Cheers Bob


Hey Bob,

It is super vague, In the photos I think the port is hidden behind the caution sticker: image

It would be good to have the connector type on the product page, I couldnt find it in a quick scan through the manual


Hi Liam

It would be better if it was supplied. Might be a clue on the caution sticker if you could read it.
Cheers Bob


This is definitely a concern! I would suggest that any battery getting hot from charging is being charged too fast or indicates another problem. Although I do remember from RC Car days that NimH cells handle heat relatively fine, but my Lipo brain is giving a huge red flag! If it’s a lithium battery be extremely careful - they have resulted in many a ‘hobby room/shed’ being burnt down during charging! Never leave a lithium battery unattended while charging for this reason.

Regarding charge rate - again if it is lithium, even high quality/expensive cells can only handle 5C charge rates at most. There’s just never a good reason to do this IMO. Be patient and charge at 2C if you’re in a hurry to be safe and conserve the life of your battery.

Anyway some more detail on the battery type and charge rate etc would be useful so we can get to the bottom of this.