SMA-BNC adapter SMA Plug to BNC Jack straight (Seeed Studio) (SS320990007)

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Most HAM and two-way handheld radio antennas and devices are designed for BNC connectors. This BNC-female to SMA-male connector will easily interface your … read more

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Can you please tell me your stock level of SKUSS320990007

Hi Scott,

Good news! All our stock counts are live on our site, so all the info is out in the open! If you see “In stock. Ships same business day if ordered before 2PM” That means we have some on shelf here in Newcastle, ready to dispatch.

Looks like you’re ll good:)


EDIT: To add to this, if you need a particular quantity, and we don’t have everything in local stock, you’ll see a message like this:

Otherwise, that means we’ve got enough :slight_smile: