Sparkfun vcnl4040 connection instructions

I have a Sparkfun VCNL4040 proximity sensor that I need to connect to a raspberry pi via the GPIO. Can someone point me to the documentation to do this?
I’ll be coding through Node-Red to start/stop a DC motor.

Thanks in advance.

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Sparkfun provide excellent documentation for their products, and links directly from the product description to supporting documentation, such as hookup guide, data sheet, and Arduino library.

If the product is stocked by Core Electronics, they also provide the same links.

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Hi Nigel,

If you’re talking about this one: it’s set up for I2C communication, so you’ll just need to look into getting I2C communication up and running on the Pi.

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Hi Oliver

That’s the one. I’ve re read the data sheet and it is I2C.