Stranded Wire: Yellow, 26 AWG, 70 Feet (POLOLU-2624)

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This is a spool with 70 feet of yellow 26 AWG stranded copper hook-up wire. It conforms to the UL1007 specification and is rated for up to 80°C and 300 VAC.

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Does the 26 AWG Teflon wire come in larger spools than 70ft please

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Hi FrankyRob
Welcome. Where did “Teflon” come from. There is no mention of that in the description. You may find it is PVC. Just a point.
Cheers Bob

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Hi Franky,

If you’re after something super specific, more industrial suppliers have better ranges of that kind of thing:

RS, DigiKey, Element14 would be the next place to look IMO


Thanks James yes I want high temp insulation. Thanks for the link.

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