SX1262 LoRa Node Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, LoRaWAN (CE08628)

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This is a SX1262 LoRa Node Module For Raspberry Pi Pico with LoRaWAN Support

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Just wondering if this module includes an antenna or if it needs to be purchased separately.

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@Nigel164388 From product page, so Yes.

Shipping List

  • 1x LoRa node module
  • 1x Interface cable
  • 1x RF antenna
  • 1x 600mAh LiPo battery
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Hi Nigel,

Hats off to Jim for pasting through that list, the third image on the product page shows exactly what it looks like as well!


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Headsup for anyone attempting to use the demo provided by waveshare, there’s an updated library at GitHub - ArmDeveloperEcosystem/lorawan-library-for-pico: Enable LoRaWAN communications on your Raspberry Pi Pico or any RP2040 based board. 📡 which resolves compiler errors.


Welcome to the forum Michael!

Thank you for sharing, you will save your fellow makers time troubleshooting down the line!

Thanks Jack,
I still haven’t got it connecting to TTN, but at least it’s compiling…