Temperature Sensing with Particle

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Temperature Sensing with Particle"

If you’re looking for a platform to create your ideal data-logger, then look no further than Particle. Whether it be that you want to build a weather station, or a movement detection system, thanks to Particle’s 3G and Wi-Fi boards, you c…

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Have you done much with the Dev IDE (desktop)?

I am having trouble adding a library to my project.

If I search for the dallas library it comes up ok. Then I click the “USE” button but only get option to create a new project and no option to “Add to project”.


Hi David,

I haven’t really looked at the Dev IDE much at all, I’ll usually just use the cloud IDE, and either flash OTA or using the CLI. Is there anything on the Particle.io forums?

Hi Sam,

I have asked but so far had no specific response that explains why I do not see the add to library option.

I should see this…

but I get this when selecting “USE”

Yeah, very strange. Do the projects sync between the cloud IDE and the Desktop IDE? If so, you could add the library in the cloud IDE as a temporary work-around. Definitely frustrating though. I’m assuming you’re using the most current version?


Yes, very frustrating. And no-one can advise me how I can get the “Add to project” option.

I thought adding a library would be fundamental.

Is your work flow like this? And if so, how to you develop and debug applications that are more complex (like spi memory and real time clock with Uart serial data parsing etc)?

  1. Write code in Web IDE
  2. Download code from Web IDE
  3. Change name of bin file to meaningful name associated with project (optional)
  4. Open up a command prompt
  5. Navigate to the folder with bin file
  6. Put Electron into DFU mode
  7. Issue command line flash command

Then go back to “1” to make changes and repeat?

If I’m using Particle gear for projects, I usually develop with a Photon which makes it so much easier as you can just flash directly OTA without worrying about data costs. Then once I’ve got everything knuckled down I switch to an Electron as I’m not normally using the larger number of Pins that the Electron has, and since the Electron is Pin compatible with the Photon, it works well.

Otherwise I just called the project accordingly and when it downloads the browser window will automatically sort them in order of xxxxx-1 xxxxx-2 etc…

Rather than putting the Electron into DFU mode, I just put it into listening mode, and download all of my .bin files to the default directory which speeds things up a bit. And then to program it I use: Particle flash --serial xxxx.bin

When you say the Photon and Electron are Pin compatible, do you only mean regarding firmware? (ie. Pin D4 is D4 on both units).

I could use photon for dev for the spi code. However I think the additional 2 UARTS are not on the photon for testing my GPS and RS485 bus functions.

BTW: Have you had much experience with webhooks? I want to send a block of “records” periodically. The block could be anything from 1 to 20 records

Each record is structured
Date Time EventID TagID VehicleID Param1 Param2

The target app is Grovestreams


Finally managed to get the issue sorted out. Though I had the file open and it was compiling, I did not “Open Folder” and this set the wrong path for library files and the library manager determined there was no project open so always wanted to create a new one when I attempted to add a library.

I wish they had “Open Project”, “New Project” and “Close Project” Options in main menu.

Ah, well, it was always going to be something sneaky like that haha. At least anyone struggling with the same issue can refer here first. Glad to hear you got it sorted out David.

HI Sam
I am having some problems compiling the temperature sensing project as been discussed in this forum.
When I compile the code I get the message
lib/spark-dallas-temperature/spark-dallas-temperature.h:27:36: …/OneWire/OneWire.h: No such file or directory
This morning I was talking to Graham and thinks it could a configuration issue of my Web IDE.
I have also complied the project on desktop IDE with the same result.
Attached is a screenshot of my code , does it look OK?