The robot responds entirely in GIFs

Robots are pretty awesome, and GIFs are hilarious. What happens when you combine the two with a little engineering style? You get yourself a Peeqo robot. 

Peeqo was created as a personal assistant style robot that you can call upon to provide with a GIF for any situation. To hear your words and turn them into tasty GIFs, Peeqo uses Google Cloud Speech. The GIFs are displayed on the 800x480 Pixel display that is his "Eyes". 

Peeqo can move his head around like a human too, shaking and nodding when he hears someone speak directly to him. 

Check Peeqo in action here:

The movement is controlled by some servo motors and an Arduino Mini, with another Mini being used for controlling the NeoPixel ring on Peeqo's crown. There are 4 microphones that allow you to speak to him from anywhere in the room too! The Arduinos use I2C to communicate to the Raspberry Pi that's literally mounted where Peeqo's brain goes aswell. There is an awesome write-up available for this project here, including all the code and STLs you need to make your own. 

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