TOF Sense Laser Range Sensor (5m) (SEN0337)

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TOF Sense is a TOF-based (Time of Flight) laser ranging sensor that offers 1cm-5m detection range, 1mm resolution, ± 1.5cm error, and 10Hz data update frequency…

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Hey, can this sensor measure (with or without calibration) the distance from sumerge objects? If not, what kind of sensors are recomended for such a task?

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Hi Tim
If the object is submerged in water I would suggest a marine echo sounder or similar (something like what is sometimes known as a fish finder).
Cheers Bob

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Hi Tim,

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It looks like that time of flight sensor uses a 940nm InfraRed sensor. I’m not sure how well it would measure underwater as the water may scatter the signal and the unit itself isn’t waterproof.

Bob’s idea of leaning on the existing technology solution and copying the sensors used in a fish finder will probably give you the best results. I think fish finders will need the end of the sensor to remain submerged so that the device doesn’t get reflections coming back off the surface of the water to the device.
For what you are working on are you able to submerge your sensor, of do you need an out-of-water measurement of things below the water?

Hi Trent
Echo sounders and fish finders (the same thing) are supersonic at 50 to 200kHz and yes the transducer needs to be submerged as the energy travels much faster in water than in air. In most cases the transducer forms part of the transmitter tuned output circuit and the attaching cable should not even be shortened on installation. Even air bubbles from a propeller or other sources can impact the operation of these devices.

Such a device would probably be some overkill but I was merely pointing out the type of device probably required to measure distances under water. Measuring distances of an object underwater with a device above the surface I don’t think is feasible. Otherwise the Navy would be doing it to locate submarines.

I think a TOF system such as infrared or microwave would get an echo off water surface.
Cheers Bob

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So, it has a wider sensing range than the commonly used HCSR04.

Hi Rooppoor212784
Echo sounders (and fish finders) work underwater. Doubt that HCSR04 would like that too much.
Cheers Bob