Touch Screen for PIC micro

Hello, I’m building a GPS using the PIC micro. I am looking to have a capacitive touch screen to control it, nothing too large, probably around the 2.8".
Can you recommend something?

In using the PIC micro, I believe the problem primarily concerns the libraries used to code. I use the MPLAB IDE and XC8 compiler.
If there is nothing available then I have the option of using an Arduino based board but would first like to exhaust the possibilities with a PIC solution.



Hi Mark, Welcome to the Forum!

I’ve had a bit of a look into this one, and while Adafruit’s library makes it really easy to use their SPI touch screens, especially when following their guide, it relies on the Arduino Core library, and hence would be hard to port over to an 8-bit PIC (32s are doable though, which are you using?).

I found a guide where a PIC18F46K22 was used with a display with the same driver as the Adafruit one, and it includes links to the libraries they used:

I must admit, PICs are not my forte, but hopefully this points you in a good direction

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James, hi. Thanks for your time. It was great to talk on Friday. Yes, I’ve seen the article you mentioned and was hesitating as the pic chip is not available from Jaycar, who are my local goto. These days we use online ordering more so will look to give it a go. I’ll also pay alot more attention to your website.