Triple Output High Power RGB LED (COM-08718)

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Do not look into the light. You know you want to, but boy will you be sorry. 1W per channel, RGB High Power LEDs in one aluminum backed package. These LEDs will blow you away. Light them up then put a coffee cup over the LED to keep your eyes from seeing dots in the periphery. With all three LEDs at 350mA per channel (3W total output), you will need additional heat sinking.

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What comment about what please. My question was how does the foot peddle work. Is it one tap for go and one tap for stop??? Thanking you for your time.

Hey Janet,

We’re you looking at one of the foot pedal switches or controllers that Core stocks?

The pedals are a switch and a variable resistor that you can use in projects but dont control anything as they are sold.

If you give us some more info we can help you out!