TS01 Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor 0-3V (SEN0256)

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DFRobot TS01 IR temperature sensor is a non-contact thermal sensor, which can be used to measure the infrared intensity of the object so as to calculate its surface … read more

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Can you suggest the display suitable for this product.



Hi Siraj,

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Were you looking to display the output of the sensor?

I can think of a couple ways to do so:
Method 1: you will need a microprocessor as a middle-man to interpret the analog output from it, here you could use a Raspberry Pi Pico or Arduino (using the Pico you will have to feed the sensor 5v as the 3v from Vsys is too low to power the sensor).

Once you have some code written that maps the output voltage to a temperature you’re ready to display it, there are lots of different display types with their own communication method (SPI, I2C, etc)

Method 2: To get a very rough reading you could use a voltmeter