TTN Mapper Code

Got the TTN Battery Voltage tutorial running and managed to do some TTN Mapping but this code writes every 10 seconds. Great for mapping but am I going to cause myself issue by sending so many messages.

I tried to see if TTN Mapper would work without sending data and it doesnt appear to work.

Less then 24h in and TTN Console has blanked/greyed out my data section. Should I take the hint that I might have exceed my allowance for messages ? Probably well over 400 at this stage.

Can someone direct me to a better TTN mapper solution on the LoPy4 code side of things or is this just how it works … you can only map when you send data?

Hi Peter,

A payload must be sent for TTN Mapper to report the connection quality. You can reduce your airtime by sending a payload of just one byte. This will get your payloads down to the minimum transmit time. You are allotted 30 seconds of airtime in a 24 hour period.
This means you will have approximately one hour of node activation time while transmitting every ten seconds.
You can probably squeeze in 400-600 at most and stay within that limit. There is no system in place to detect and throttle your connection back, so its up to the user to stay within the limitations.

There is no better mapper solution, this is just how it works unfortunately.

If you connect your mapper to a GPS you can create a program that only sends a payload if you’ve moved a given distance from the last transmission location. This will stretch your operating time and make every payload a value add for

Good luck with your project!

Good tip on the message length. I just wanted to make sure I wasnt making newbie blunders in my experimenting. I am already gearing up to go down the GPS path and found this resource online which also clued me into the 30 second rule. But baby steps.

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