uGateway, use case advice, farm pumps

Just received my uGateway and works perfectly on TTN. Have created node with LMIC and uplinks all ok. However I now realise that TTN and LMIC might not meet my needs. I am on a farm and need to switch remote water pumps on bores around the property. I have used LORA successfully in a point to point mode (using TTGO SX1276 boards). I wanted to use a gateway for multichannel and more robust implementation. It looks like I would need a class C node (which is not supported by TTN) to be able to downlink messages in real time.

My question is what software (server and node) would you recommend for this use case. I want to use MQQT/Node-Red for application logic and message handling. Do I need to run a LoRa Server locally to replace TTN?

Thanks for any advice?

Hi Alan,

I think you might want to look into LoRa Mesh. Iā€™m not too sure if thats a better fit, but it seems that it might work for you. LoRa is going to upgrade to a class C network sometime in the not-so-distant future. I only know that its currently in development, and the current hardware should support that change once it occurs.

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