Ultrasonic Sensor Module JSN-SR04T

We are facing some issues as well as we have some queries related to the Ultrasonic Sensor Module JSN-SR04T.

Queries -
1. We want to extend the length of wire/cable of JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Sensor Module, so how can we achieve this?
2. Can we cut default connector of JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Sensor Module and used some plain wire to extend it?
3. Guidelines to change the frequency of the sensor - how to use the connected variable transformer to change frequency.(you can check attachments)
Issues -
1. Sensor is working fine till 2.5meter. after 2.5 meter we are getting random values/readings.
2. If we are touching the connector (which is default connector) receiving random values/readings.
3. We replaced the default connector with plain wire, after we are not getting correct values/readings.

Thank You

You can find the manual for this board in several places that describes what R27 does. It changes the mode depending on what resistor is added. If none is added as shown it’s a standard trigger/echo. The other two modes are serial modes.

As for adjusting the frequency. It’s not meant to be adjusted outside of the factory. They’re set at 40kHz for the transducers. Some are slightly higher or lower the 40kHz but it won’t make much of a difference.

You can cut the wired and make them longer but you’ll also get more noise on the signal coming in from the sensor. The longer you go the worse the detection will be.

You also stated that if you touch the connector the signal drops. It’s likely you have a poor connection in the connector. That’s also likely why your not getting over 2.5 meters. The sensor should range up to 6 meters against a solid wall. I’ve got the some of the same units and they work without issue up to 6 meters.

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