Vintage MIDI Mood Lighting

Hey guys, as a musician and electronics enthusiast it’s always been my passion to find creative ways to merge music and technology to create awesome things. So when I saw this project from ‘Capricorn One’ over at Instructables, I loved it immediately. Something like this could be awesome to install in a small bar with a live musician to really create an atmosphere. It’s created using an Arduino Uno and a bunch of supporting circuitry.

The actual MIDI-trigger conversion is quite simple, it’s the circuitry and power requirements to integrate tightly timed logic signals with 60Hz mains voltage globes that is the challenge, although this walkthrough provides schematics and great explanations of every step. If you were to recreate this project using LED lighting it would be infinitely simpler, and you could perhaps use NeoPixel LEDs assigned to each individual note, however for now, just sit back and enjoy the creativity and beauty of someone’s fantastic project. It’s a simple, yet effective way to great a dynamic environment to enhance musical expression.

If you’re keen to have a crack at this project yourself, check out the Instructable guide here.

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