Which motor for making a horse tail motion?

I need to make a 1-metre long horse tail move like a horse would - e.g. flicking motions. But I’m not not sure which motor is best, a fixed rotation servo or a stepper motor? Do you have advice please?

It’d be tough to find someone that has gone down this road before! With that said, perhaps you need something that can generate a real “flick” action.

Perhaps a servo would be fast enough, unsure. If it were then that would be great as most of the mechanical bits you need are built into the servo. Sounds like some testing will be needed!

ok cool, i have both so i’ll try them both out

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Heya! I guess it’s an oldish thread, but have you considered the motions of windscreen wipers? With the continuous “servo” it would be the simplest to implement but it might be hard to produce irregular flicks. With a stepper motor you would have the best of both worlds: irregular and oscillating flicks.



Thanks Gerry for the info :slight_smile:

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