Wireless push buttons

This is probably pretty simple, but I want to make 2-4 wireless buttons that’s are completely separate from each other, that interact with a buzzer or audio once a person presses either one.

Something like “Green teams scores” and “yellow team scores”. And “Green Forfeits” and Yellow Forfeits”.

I’m guessing I would need a controller with like an audio out Jack to connect to some speakers. Max wireless distance would be 60m if that.

Any suggestions?

Hi Donovan,

Looks like a good candidate for our PiicoDev Transceiver board:

We’ve tested the range up to 100m, so 60m should be fine so long as there isn’t too much in the way.

We even have buttons that plug into the same PiicoDev system!

If you wanted some visual feedback too, one of these could work:

A Pico, expansion board, LiPo and cables should be all you need.

As far as audio output goes, we’ve also developed a DAC and amp board that should work well with a Pico:

That’s the gist of the idea to get the juices flowing, let me know if you have any questions on how it’d all go together

Hey James,

Thanks for the Info.

In regards to the push button I was hoping to have it the size I’d say half a tennis ball or half a Baseball.

I think you guys have a Big Red dome button that I could use.

I’m local to Newcastle too, so do you guys run any in house courses or auch?

I’ll have a look at some of this and see if

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Hi Donovan,

Might be a little tricky getting it into a compact package, but should be doable.

Unfortunately we don’t offer in-house courses at the moment, but it’s on our radar. We used to run in-house workshops, but COVID happened and we repurposed the space.

Since you’re local, you can pick up from our warehouse (order online and select pickup as the shipping method.

All the best with this project and let me know if you need any more info.

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