WT32-ETH01 (DFR0963) TLL serial or RS232

Can anyone confirm if the WT32-ETH01 (DFR0963) has a RS232 chip or does only have TTL level serial? IE I need to purchase a RS232 adapter to connect it standard serial port.

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Hi Mike,

I’ll preface this with I don’t have one in front of me.
It does mention UART around the product page so I’d be confident in hooking it up to a serial adapter like this: CP2102N USB-to-Serial Adapter Carrier | POLOLU-1317 | Core Electronics Australia

No, that won’t work. It does not have the correct usb interface.

Hi Mike,

What interface do you need?

An indicated in my initial post I need to know if the board has ttl serial and/or rs232 interfaces.

Hi Mike,

Sorry, had to touch up on TTL vs RS232.

The programming interface is TTL, so you’ll need a converter