Zio Current and Voltage Sensor - INA219 (Qwiic) (SEN-15176)

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The Zio Current and Voltage Sensor is a highly accurate current and power monitor. Utilizing the INA219, it’s able to read DC current and power over I2C with up … read more

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Hi Forum, I need a field voltage/current sensor system (battery operated) that connects the output data to a host system via mobile or satellite, what elemsnt do I need to accomplish this? Thank you

Hey Ray,

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We stock these non-contact current sensors that will be able to read an AC current in a wire or you could opt for an inline sensor(the link in the forum topic), interfacing with that would be a circuit that maps the respective current to the input of a microcontroller.

Before deciding on a board used for communication I would check the coverage of the providers in your area. Next would be selecting a board that allows you to acess those bands. If Telstra has good coverage in your area I would pickup an MRK 1500 to send data. The official Arduino site has an excellent guide for the MKR.

Next would be power, if you are looking for long deployment times a battery and solar charging setup would be recommended, Sam covers it very well here along with an example setup with a Raspberry Pi from Tim.


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