2 off Pi Zero Communicating via Bluetooth

Hello. I am attempting to have 2 pi zero communicate via bluetooth however several errors occur.
I can see the individual pi’s on my Android phone however pairing the two fails.
Failed to pair : org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists seems to be the main issue.
I am not over experienced in these matters.
Is there a fool proof approach.

Any offerings appreciated.

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Hi Bryan,

I found a couple of guides that might be able to help you!


Would it be possible to send through the guides you are using and we can help out!

Just out at the moment, will get back to you later.
Thank you for you feedback.

Just had a look on my phone and the first link you offered is what I have been following.

I have also referenced your second offering. I will get back to you later.

Hi Bryan
I followed the document from the official website “Connecting to the Internet with Raspberry Pi Pico W”.

Section 4 has information about Bluetooth LE

Section 6 covers working with Bluetooth in MicroPython.

The only tricky part was copying the library ble_advertising.py to the Pico W. After that the examples ran without error.

Hi Bryan

Sorry, I had a seniors moment. While you were unambiguously refering to the Pi zero I responded for the Pico W.

Given the great documentation for running BLE on the Pico W it is disappointing that the same is not available for the Pi 4/zero.

I have been busy on other things and not yet looked at what you offered. Thanks for the follow up.

Fractal and all,

After much time I have given up on communicating via Bluetooth between 2 off Pi ZERO W. It sounds easy when reviewing the various examples. I followed the following procedure to the tee without any luck.

If anyone has 2 x ZERO W and happy to give it a go I would welcome any feedback.
In the mean time I am working with WiFi which does work well on the ZERO’s.

Thank you. Bryan