2 TiB M.2 2242 SSD

Can anyone tell me if you can get a 2TiB M.2 2242 SSD suitable to use in the M.2 HAT for the Raspberry Pi 5 ?

Hi @Gary270840, Welcome to the Forums!!!

We currently don’t stock a 2TB drive that can work with the Offical Pi M.2 HAT.

2230 and 2242 M.2 NVMe drives are available elsewhere from computer retailers such as Scorptec.
Just keep in mind that a lot of NVMe Drives are currently untested with the Pi 5 so there is a possibility it may not work.

Most drives I come across don’t use TebiBytes for their capacity and are usually listed in thousands of Gigabytes or Terabytes so you may only be able to find 1.8TiB drives available.


Thanks for the reply Aaron, your answer is what I was expecting, have already searched elsewhere online and found M.2 drives of that particular size and format seem quite rare only found one from some brand name I have never heard of. Will revisit the M.2 HAT idea in the future maybe. Will just buy a 2.5 inch Samsung 2Tb SSD and use it in a USB enclosure. Was just hoping you might have a suitable M.2 drive. Needs to be 2 so I can clone my current USB SSD, apparently Raspberry Pi OS has a 2Tib limit on size, something to do with MSDOS. Thanks again.

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