Mini Tower NAS Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B (CE09187)

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Mini Tower NAS Kit for Raspberry Pi 4B, support up to 2TB M.2 SATA SSD, Strong Heat Dissipation, OLED Screen Display…

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I have an issue with the raspberry Pi nas kit that arrived today, thank you very much, it arrived real quick but I have a slight issue with it.

First I’d like to point out that I’m proud new owner of a 2T nvme ssd that I’ll probably never be able to use, because your web description says “board dose NOT support NVME SSD.M.2 SATA SSD expansion board (might want to fix your spelling there)”, it doesn’t actually say a NVME ssd won’t work. I assumed a expansion board meant support for multiple ssd’s, unfortunately, I had to read the manual for that bad news - so really annoyed already!!. 2. Now the Actual issue, I’m trying to find a 2T ssd that’s actually compatible with the kit, been looking for the last few hours but I’m not having any luck, as the manual says it takes ngff drives, however, all the ngff drives I have found has 2 indentations, the ssd slot on the pi52 board in the kit only allows for one indentation, so I assume they are not compatible. I need your help trying to locate a drive, can you please give me assistance as to what to look for, as I am completely stumped, I can only find nvme drives that seem to fit the board.

Thank you very much

Hi John,

The main two interfaces available for SSD drives are SATA and NVMe, they are both the same size but require different power and data connections so generally they aren’t interchangeable in most products.

I’ve just checked one of the mini tower NAS kits from stock and the expansion board inside which mounts the SSD has an M key slot. This means you need a SATA SSD that has the groove cut-out for the M key slot which is the manufacturer’s way of making sure you can’t accidentally install an NVMe drive into a SATA interface slot.

Unfortunately we don’t carry SSDs up to that capacity in our range. Our 240GB drive will work with that NAS kit though if you can get away with 240GB of storage. (Our drive has the B+M key which is both notches)

I’ll have our product page updated to make it clearer what SSDs will and won’t fit in the case shortly.

Thank you for that, actually the nvme drive actually fitted in really easily, however, I did ask one of the IT people at work about the slots, and he did point out that the b+m key card should work ok, its just all the photos I was looking at were out of shape, but still the same 22mm wide. I placed an order for the other type at lunch time. Hopefully I haven’t ruined the pi52 card or nvme drive, by trying it (because it fitted so easily, I thought it might have been upgraded to the nvme type so attempted to use it). I also got an external nvme enclosure, so providing I haven’t damaged anything, its not a total waste.