3.5inch Display Module Touch LCD fo Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

I recently purchased the “3.5inch Display Module Touch LCD with Stylus for Raspberry Pi 3B+” At the moment it takes up all of the GPIO Headers on a PI. I was hoping that someone would have the Required Pinout that are used by the Display Module. I was under the impression that it would need about 8 pins in total… I only ask because i need spare GPIO pins for other parts of my project


Hi Stormbreaker,

If you take a look at the photo on the product page, the pins used are labelled.

all eight are used on the larger portion of the connector, and the 3v and 5v pin, the two GND connections at the top are not used.

Some of these ship with a full 2x20 connector, all the pins not shown in this photo will be unused.

Found pinouts here. Table below is copy from web page.

Pin No: Symbol Description
1, 17 3.3V 3.3V power input
2,4 5V 5V power input
3,5,7,8,10,12,13,15,16 NC No connection – used for support
6,9,14,20,25 GND Ground
11 TP_IRQ Active low interrupt pin for touch screen
18 LCD_RS Register select pin of Display controller
19 LCD_SI SPI data input for the LCD display
21 TP_SO SPI data output from the LCD display
22 RST Reset
23 LCD_SCK Clock sync pin of SPI communication
24 LCD_CS Chip select pin of SPI LCD
26 TP_CS Chip select pin of SPI Touch screen

Great find!