3D Printing and Modelling Workshop - 14/2/2017

On Tuesday afternoon, we ran the first of our revised 3D printing & modelling workshops and had a blast! Michael (our workshop participant) turned up only having knowledge of the existence of 3D printers and CAD software but had absolutely no experience, the perfect participant. We kicked off with walking through our printer setup and took a look at the basics of FDM technology. He was particularly interested in being able to print models that he could find online, so we went right into slicing up some models and learning the lay of the land with Cura, our slicing software.

After a crash course in Fusion 360, we walked through making a small project box. Michael decided to print his grandson a small animal figurine, so off to Thingiverse we went to find something suitable. We ended up deciding on a model that our 3D printer would be able to print simply and easily. We ended up deciding on a Pig figurine and sliced it at .2mm and got it printed inside of half an hour.

We used the Lulzbot Mini and some orange ABS filament to print this model.

Book a session today if you'd like to join one of our 3D Printing Workshops. Likewise, we're here to help if you're looking for help with Lulzbot in Australia,

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