3D Printing and Modelling Workshop - 28/3/2017

On Tuesday the 28th of March we ran another 3D printing workshop down at Core Electronics and it was a resounding success! We had 2 people attend Gary and Tony, both keen to learn more about the process behind 3D printing and boy did we get right into it. Gary was interested in getting into 3D printing as a hobby, fascinated by the idea of being able to create things from scratch, whereas Tony had a keen interest in 3D printed prosthetics and the directions that 3D printing is moved in.

In either case, attending our workshops seemed to be the best way to get the ball rolling, you've got to start somewhere! 

Kicking off with some video's explaining the differences in existing 3D printing technologies, we dived right into Slicing software and how exactly we 'slice' 3D models to be able to print. All the basics were covered and it was time to print! What better model to get some newbies printing than the Rocktopus from Lulzbot?!


My favourite part of the entire workshop was undoubtedly the AHA moment from Gary, when it became apparent that if you have a 3D model of absolutely anything, you will be able to slice it and print it up. And that, is absolutely the best part of what we do here at Core.  

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