4-Way 18650 Battery Holder (DFR0970)

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“4-Way 18650 Battery Holder”

This easy-to-use 16850 battery holder with 4 slots offers micro and type-C charging inputs, five 5V/2A output ports, five 3V/1A output ports and one 5V…

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This is a fantastic board that offers big power in a great package with many outputs. Very handy.
Be aware that on removing the charge cable the output does drop for a few seconds, so this board is unsuitable for a USB UPS use case.


I thought that this would post the comment on the forums as a question :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for leaving a comment, tips like these are exactly the sort of thing we want below our product pages! I’ll make a note to get this added in bold, as it’s a pretty important point!



I’m using this to power a small robot. The unit is enabled by pressing a momentary button, and turned off by pressed the same button for 3 -seconds. This is exactly what I want

However, if a power source is plugged in to the charging ports, the unit turns on, providing power to the robot which is not good. Worse than that, the unit will turn itself off and on again repeatedly while “charging” a terrible situation, and I do not believe it will ever fully charge this way.

Either something is wrong with my unit, or this is a design flaw that perhaps can be corrected by a software update or even by circuit modification.

Would you be able to look in to this. I can find no datasheet, schematic or pcb files.

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Hi Dave,

I took a look at one of these under a microscope, and that revealed the 3 following part numbers:

Unfortunately, all these ICs seem to be very purpose-built, so a firmware change is off the cards.

How have you got your robot connected currently? Maybe a pair of inline switch would be a good workaround while you search for a better battery board?

Is it possible that your robot is overwhelming your power input? Perhaps overwhelming the maximum current input for the charging IC? That might explain the turning-on-and-off behavior. Have you measured the current draw from your robot?

Would you like us to test one of the units we have on shelf to see if it behaves the same?

Thanks James,

I will probably have to make my own, but I was trying to come up with a design that others could use without them having to make any custom electronics. Thee inline switch would work, but kind of crazy when you think about needing to have yet another power switch. I appreciate the idea though.

I’ll try contacting DFrobot myself, but I don’t hold out any hope.