4-Way 18650 Battery Holder (DFR0970)

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“4-Way 18650 Battery Holder”

This easy-to-use 16850 battery holder with 4 slots offers micro and type-C charging inputs, five 5V/2A output ports, five 3V/1A output ports and one 5V…

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This is a fantastic board that offers big power in a great package with many outputs. Very handy.
Be aware that on removing the charge cable the output does drop for a few seconds, so this board is unsuitable for a USB UPS use case.


I thought that this would post the comment on the forums as a question :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for leaving a comment, tips like these are exactly the sort of thing we want below our product pages! I’ll make a note to get this added in bold, as it’s a pretty important point!