4K 8MP IMX219 Autofocus USB Camera Module With Dual Microphone (AC-B0292)

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This 8MP 4K Autofocus USB Camera is based on a 1/4” 8MP IMX219 image sensor, autofocus, UVC compliant USB 2.0 cameras.

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Would be nice to have a “getting started” using this nice camera with ESP32 Micropython or similar.


Hi Dave,

Unfortunately the USB protocol is a bit much for ESP32s, Arducam recently released the MEGA line of cameras but there isn’t any micropython libraries just yet as they are months old - released in April.


Hi Dave,

Liam is on the money here, the bad news is that it’s not a good choice for an ESP32, but the good news is that it is USB Video Class (UVC) compliant, so you should be able to plug it into a PC or a Pi (Closest to an ESP32 in specs and price would be the Zero W) and have it work out of the box.

This also means you can use full-size Python, with beefier libraries like OpenCV.

Did you specifically need something low-power? What sort of project are you working on? I’m sure we’d love to hear more!

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Hi Dave,

If you’re still keen on getting in the weeds with a camera and microcontrollers with a python variant loaded check out the Mega Camera’s @Liam120347 mentioned above and the Micropython port for them.

Its very early in terms of functionaility but if you’re keen to explore the drivers and documentation you might be able to craft exactly what you need!

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Hi Liam

Naa, I moved on to RP Zero to use a camera. As there are cheaper in some cases than microcontrollers.

I have also checked out the whole range of cameras from Arducam.

I was previously trying to purchase some RP’s and supporting items.
But found that you guys cannot ship them to the US.

Will keep looking around. High prices or package deals. I’m sure high demand will drop off some day.

Thanks for your help.


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Hey Dave,

The Pi Zero is a great board for camera capability. The price surely is a benefit too!

I have heard things have started to improve slightly throughout the US as far as pi availability, from different groups I am a part of I have seen Microcenters have been occasionally fully stocked for different variants of the Pi. Hopefully we will start seeing things get better shortly, though we have been saying that for a while now.

Best of luck with finding everything you need!