5V 10A switching power supply (ADA658)

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This is a beefy switching supply, for when you need a lot of power! It can supply 5V DC up to 10 Amps, running from 110V or 220V power (the plug it comes with is … read more

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Re: SKU: ADA658

IS a switching PSU a “regulated” PSU?

Is this OK for Arduino?



Hi Chris,

Yes this is a regulated power supply. Unregulated power might be directly off a battery. It would be safe to power your Arduino with it. I should point out that 10A is far more current than an Arduino could ever use. You would be safe with a 500mA-2A power supply. That said, it won’t hurt anything to provide it with 10A, it just won’t use what it doesn’t need.

Is there a replacement product for this in your store? It is referenced in a tutorial but the link no longer works.